All Information About Arabica Coffee

This month, the weather is cold and windy. In this atmosphere, it is best to pass the time while sipping on a cup of coffee. The warmth and the sensuous delight of a coffee help you relax and enjoy the tranquility of rainfall. To enjoy the moment cozily, great quality coffee is needed. While there are many kinds of coffee that people choose, Arabica coffee is one of the best quality coffees out there.



You may wonder, what is the Arabica coffee? The coffee comes from the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, more precisely, the Arabian zone. The history tells that the Arab scholars documented some information regarding the coffee beans and that the seeds were helping them to work long hours.  The production of the beans grew larger until it reached Yemen, Egyptians, Turks and more places. Nowadays, coffea Arabica represents 60% of the global output.

Flowers and Fruit

Arabica Coffe grows in the tropics or around the equator where there are only two seasons: drought and rainy season. In the rainy season arabica coffee plants start flowering with fragrant and white color. 8 to 9 months after flowering and through the process of fertilization it appears a red fruit, shiny and plump like cherry. In each fruit contains 2 arabica beans or seeds. In the next rainy season, the harvesting process can be applied very carefully. Careful harvesting should be done because ripe and unripe fruit are in the same area. Therefore proper harvesting is very important.

Arabica Coffe Beans

Coffee beans that we often see comes from red fruit like cherry and it is the seed of coffee plant. Each fruit contains two coffee beans that are protected by a membrane called parchment and the sweet-pulp layer. Arabica beans have a flat and elongated shape with a winding pattern.

Caffeine contained in arabica seeds is very diverse with a range of 0.9 to 1.7% of the seed volume. Arabica coffee is also the only one with 44 coffea chromosomes

A Cup of Arabica Coffee

The presentation of arabica coffee is very diverse. Best quality arabica espresso coffee has a sweet, fragnant and add with a little sour and mixed with chocolate and caramel to remove a bit of bitterness.

Arabica coffee treatments can also be added with additional cream on top because of extra flavor and with a little art to look beautiful.

Arabica Coffee
Arabica Coffee (1. Flowers, 2. Fruits, 3. Beans, 4. Cup of Arabica)

The Quality of Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Being the largest production, Arabica coffee is known to have a great quality which gives Coffee Geeks health benefits. Although there is another type of coffee like Coffea canephora or known as Coffea robusta, Arabica still leads the race. Then, why is Arabica coffee better than its competitor? Plus, what kind of quality does it have to become this famous? The answer lies in three critical aspects. Those are taste, cost, and hardiness. These three elements are influenced by soil, altitude and climatic factors. The fact that Arabica beans grow in naturally mild and aromatic soil of the mountains above 600 meters is a winning point against the Robusta beans.

3 Differences Arabica and Robusta

In general, if we taste arabica coffee and robusta coffee then the most perceived difference is arabica coffee is sweeter than robusta. However arabica coffee has a variety of different levels of taste depending on the variety such as sweet – soft – to sharp. Unroasted arabica seeds have a smell like blueberry and roasted arabica coffee have a smell like fruits mixed with sugar. This is what causes arabica coffee has more flavor variants compared to robusta.

The next difference is could be seen from the location where the two crops grow. Arabica coffee plant grows in a higher location than robusta. Growth in high places has a more difficult climate and makes plants grow slowly. However, this condition provides benefits by generating more subtle flavors when the coffee beans through processing, roasting and grinding.

Arabica coffee in addition to more delicious flavor, also contains a lower caffeine that is about 50% of robusta. For coffee lovers of course this is good news because in addition to enjoying coffee is also not to worry about the content of caffeine.

Even though Arabica wins the game of Arabica vs Robusta, it does not mean that Robusta is not tasty or delightful. Sitting on the runner-up seat, Robusta is chosen by many as daily coffee consumption. The Robusta beans are cultivated at a lower altitude compared to Arabica beans. It makes Robusta beans less pricy which is 40-50% cheaper than the Arabica beans. Those who chose to consume Robusta coffee prefer stronger and harsher tastes; also the level of caffeine on Robusta is much higher than Arabica coffee. Perhaps, some people need to pull long hours to finish jobs. However, too much caffeine is not always good.


The benefits of Arabica coffee

On the other hand, Arabica Coffee Beans contain vitamin B2 11%, vitamin B5 6%, mangan and potassium 3% and vitamin B3 2% which are beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few of Arabica Coffee benefits.

  • Prevent cancer

Due to the high level of anti-oxide, Arabica is very useful in preventing cancer. The anti-oxide helps the body to regenerate body cells and balance the amount of the nutrient in the blood.

  • Prevent Parkinson

Decreasing body immune can cause parkinson. Arabica coffee can help you preventing Parkinson by increasing the body immune system, as long as you do not put too much sugar in it.

  • Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is caused by the decreasing nerves function which damage brain systems. Moreover, such nerves function degradation can be prevented by consuming Arabica beans regularly or one or two cups a day.

  • Maintain oral health

Coffee has antibacterial properties to your oral hygiene. Of course, this can help you in curing cavities, gum infections and plaques. So, with this can reduce the risk of getting affected by oral cancer becomes better and can be prevented.

  • Increase stamina

Coffee drinks have been believed to have a caffeine content. This content of caffeine can help you in increasing stamina in your body so that it awake and also make you become more fresh.


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  • Improve Your Mood

There are still many people who have not realized that he can become more passionate and cheerful when drinking arabica coffee. This drink is a drink that can help someone to improve mood. Of course, this is very good because it can give a correlation effect on happiness.

  • Best Solution for Your Stress

Stress due to work or daily activities is one of the things commonly experienced by many people. To overcome this, drinking coffee is one good thing to calm your mind to be more relaxed and relaxed. With a relaxed mind will help you in reducing or overcoming stress.

  • Contain AntiOxydant

Free radical is one of the things that have been caused by exposure to sunlight. This is necessary for above one for those of you who work outside the room are often exposed by exposure to sunlight. High content of antioxidants in this beverage has benefits for you to ward off free radicals that are very dangerous and can also lead to cancer.

  • Smooth metabolism

Coffee is a very good ingredient and can help the process of burning fat in the body and can help improve productivity. The content of caffeine in it will also provide stimulant effects in the central nervous and will help increase the oxidation of fat and will launch the process of metabolism in your body.